Journalist Neville Burbecker is shocked when his boss insists that he goes to the Pacific to cover the climax of the surfing world championship.

After a humiliating preparatory week with Team SurfGnarl in Brazil, he heads off to Khaloubra determined to triumph: in his journalistic duties, upon a surfboard and with the ladies.

Once there, his plans are thrown into disarray when the shambolic Welsh landlord from his Brazilian hostel turns up unannounced.

Misled by interviewees, resented by the locals and his superiors, frustrated by beach culture and forlorn in love, Neville finds solace in the surfing chat rooms of The Clam Sorceror.  But when events start to conspire against him, he cannot help wondering whether Paradise is all it’s cracked up to be …and what he doesn’t realise is that he has made a formidable enemy.